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Thomas Stevenson
Detector Systems
NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
Phone: 301-286-1221

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Detector Development Laboratory


MEMS Capabilities

The DDL has all necessary equipment for both bulk and surface micromachining.  Coupled with backend processing such as wet and dry release processes and diamond and laser dicing, the DDL can turn bare substrates into singulated and released MEMS devices.


Nanotechnology Capabilities

For nano-structures, a direct-write e-beam lithography system enables patterning of features < 100 nm in size. Also, nanotube-based devices can be fabricated by using the DDL’s nanotube growth furnace.

Clean Room Specs

Relative humidity = 38% ± 3%

Temperature = 66 ± 2 degrees Fahrenheit

 What We Offer
 <empty> Wet Sector
Several wet benches for solvents and corrosives. Spin rinse dryers.
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Reactive Ion Etch
Fluorine- and chlorine-based tools with dedicated chambers for dry metal etching.
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Contact aligners with front-to-back alignment capabilities. Two µm minimum lines/spaces. Thick and thin resists. E-beam direct-write lithography.
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Evaporation and sputter of many materials. Dedicated chambers for magnetic material and indium deposition.
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Implant & Deposition(link opens new browser window)
High-energy implant up to 1 MeV and 1 mA. PECVD nitride and LPCVD nitride, oxide, and polysilicon.
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Backend Processing
Wet and dry release processes for MEMS. Diamond and laser dicing for singulation. Wafer lapping, wire bonding, pick and place, flip chip bonding, and wafer bonding. › Find out more
Thin film thickness measurements, profilometry, scanning electron microscopy, and probe station.
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Additional Information
How to work with Goddard's Detector Development Lab
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