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Brent Mott
Detector Systems Branch
NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
Phone: 301-286-7708

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Detector Characterization Laboratory Brochure

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DCL Offerings


Optical and Electrical Characterization Optical and Electrical Characterization

The DCL has a suite of characterization capabilities in one facility that allows complete optical and electrical testing of large-format detector arrays.

Qualification Testing

CryostatsFlight Qualification Testing

The DCL supports flight qualification testing including radiation, thermal vacuum, vibration, acoustic, and EMI/EMC testing of detectors and detector systems.

 What We Offer
Detector Array and System Characterization
› The DCL offers full optical and electrical characterization of focal plane systems, detector arrays, and supporting electronics.
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Detector ArrayDetector Array and System Development
› The DCL's experienced and knowledgeable staff can be utilized throughout the new product development lifecycle, from concept formulation and design, prototyping and qualification, through launch and post-launch support.
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Output showing Proton HitsRadiation Effects Testing and Analysis
› At the DCL, radiation testing and analysis of detector arrays for spaceflight qualification can be performed in cooperation with Goddard’s Radiation Effects and Analysis Group.
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